10 rock bands that flopped at the top of their game

Time is never that kind of rock and roll. As much as people like to dream of going out on a high note, you can count on the number of bands able to gracefully bow out over the years. Hell, even when things look up for these bands, they’ve chosen to cut themselves off from the world.

Even though they had all the potential in the world to become the next gods of rock, these bands decided to quit before anything got too out of control. For fans, this is one of the most heartbreaking things to hear, with most of these artists still being amazing behind their instruments and still able to give us the best music we’ve ever heard. Again, there’s something to be respected about people who decide to cancel it at the right time.

These are the musicians who know that nothing lasts forever, so maybe it’s best to stop at the top before the music world stops the train for them. On the contrary, cutting things like this is more like a power move in the world of rock and roll. While the higher-ups might think they have you in the palm of their hand, it’s the musicians who have taken control of their own destiny.

Since the hair metal movement’s time in the sun had reached the end of its rope, it looked like Guns N Roses was about to usher in a whole new brand of rock and roll from California. Having the same upbringing as their glam peers, there was something about songs like Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City that felt more street level than any audio sunshine Warrant dated. When the 90s arrived, the band grew too big too fast.

Almost trying to top the magic they had on Appetite for Destruction, the Use Your Illusion albums were a pretty tight experience, being a double release where they played with every type of grandiose music style they could put their mind to. hand. While the actual sessions were grueling and costing them drummer Steven Adler, the road wasn’t much better, with gigs being frequently canceled and Axl Rose becoming the diva of the road, either not bothering to show up for gigs. , or cutting things for nothing. good reason.

By the time the tour was over, they’d been around the world twice and just had to lick their wounds, with no one but Axl wanting to get to work. At the start of the sessions for Chinese Democracy, one band member at a time left the band until Axl was the only one who still owned the rights to the Guns N Roses name. You can call this era of the band whatever you want, but it was basically Axl’s glorified solo outfit for a few years.

Virginia F. Goins