10 rock bands that give up at the top

It’s never a good thing when bands decide to quit. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of a certain band or artist, it’s always disheartening when they decide to put down their instruments for the last time. Then again, if you have to leave, you might as well do it while looking your best.

Over the years, many artists have stayed too long at the party and claim to always be at the top of their game. However, these acts are the exception to the rule, either they were realistic about living up to expectations…or they just imploded at the right time. While not all of these acts are necessarily left in glowing terms, it’s at least comforting to know that the legacy has remained intact. Even though some of these artists eventually reunited for a handful of shows or even a comeback album, that doesn’t take away from the nearly flawless track record they had when they were still firing on all cylinders.

From pop rock darlings to some of the toughest bands on the metal scene, these guys knew how to get noticed and out before you even came to your senses. It sucks that we don’t see much more of them, but it was one hell of a ride while it lasted.

No one can truly trace the beginnings of alternative music. Although the era of offbeat rock music tends to have its beginnings in the 90s, its true beginning came a decade earlier with bands like REM and the Pixies making waves on the indie scene. If there were any independent gods, it had to be the Smiths.

Throughout the era of synths and hair spray, these guys from Manchester have created some of the most beautiful pop music ever made, falling somewhere between the poetic lyricism of someone like Joni Mitchell while being rooted in the uptempo jangle coming from Johnny Marr’s guitar. Through albums like The Queen is Dead and Meat Is Murder, Marr’s chemistry with frontman Morrissey led to songs that seemed like they could touch your soul the minute you heard them.

On the contrary, these open-hearted songs are not always synonymous with the most pleasant professional relations. As Morrissey became increasingly involved in political affairs and the rest of the band felt restless, they quickly broke up after their 4th album Strangeways Here We Come. Even though the guys are still making quality music themselves these days, it’s best to leave their legacy safe as one of the greatest indie bands to ever grace the stage.

Virginia F. Goins