10 Rock Bands Who Made Songs Especially For Movies

When you sit down to write a song, you can never really predict where your inspiration will come from. Over the decades, artists have found some of the weirdest ways to create classic songs, either delving deep into their psyches to find something they’ve never seen, or simply creating songs about the world they see around them. It could be war, it could be society, but it’s just as easy to take inspiration from the big screen.

Although not all of these songs were written with these films in mind, they became tied to certain scenes for the remainder of time, being either immortalized on the soundtrack or as a standalone single. Just because an artist writes a song for a movie doesn’t mean they’re automatically sold.

On the contrary, having a bunch of these songs as leftovers from your main albums would be a dream for any other band, taking the best bits of what you were already working on and turning them into something completely different for the cinema audience. As the old saying goes, most rock stars just want to be movie stars anyway, and this is one of those rare times when the two mediums blend in just the right way.

Most people who grew up watching the Twilight movies could probably tell you how retrospective some of them are. While the raw physical appeal of a pale, glowing vampire may have set the world on fire, Hayley Williams herself admitted that some of the franchise’s best moments were kind of cheesy when she saw him for the first time. That’s not to say they skimped on the soundtrack.

Given that emo is a genre notorious for wearing its heart a little too much on its sleeve, Decode became the perfect fit for Twilight’s first installment, with Paramore coming out of Brand New Eyes and already tapping into their more vulnerable side. Although most of the emotions on the record have to do with the band letting all the drama go, this song feels like the fallout of a relationship, with Hayley saying she feels like she barely knows his old flame at the end of things.

And while most of Paramore’s songs tend to sound larger than life in this part of their career, you can tell they got the mission right here, with quieter-than-usual guitars and ringing melodies. as if you were all alone in the middle of a dark. forest. Movies may not have held up as well, but songs certainly have.

Virginia F. Goins