10 rock bands with their own beers

April 12, 2021, 9:15 PM

Bruce Dickinson launched Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer in 2013.

Photo: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

What happens when musicians get into the beer making game? Open a cold one with one of these acts…

  1. Iron Maiden – Soldier

    Named after the 1983 track by the British metal band, the 4.7% cask ale first hit pubs in 2013 and has since won numerous awards. Singer Bruce Dickinson helped develop the beer, visiting Robinsons Brewery in Stockport. The whole range is available on www.ironmaidenbeer.com.

  2. Elbow – Load

    The Bury Group’s first collaboration with the brewing industry was Build a Rocket Boys in 2011, which is named after the album of the same name. This was followed by Load in 2014, which takes its name from a track on the album The takeoff and landing of everything. Described as a “refreshing golden pale ale” and brewed by Marston’sleader Guy Garvey said Charge was “the perfect accompaniment to the album”.

  3. New Order – Stray Dog

    To coincide with the Manchester band’s first album in many years, Music finished, Moorhouse Brewery from Burnley came with Stray dog, named after a track on the LP. Stray Dog was described as a 4.2% beer with “a refreshingly clean tasting golden beer with hints of citrus and lychee, all balanced by a subtle bitterness”.

  4. Darkness – Bells End

    For Christmas 2020, the Lowestoft rockers have collaborated on a special seasonal beer with Signature Brew. End of the bells – which of course takes its name from the group’s festive hit, Christmas (Don’t let the bells end) – is a “clear and deep coppery beer” with an “appetizing bitterness and “sweet caramel flavors”.

  5. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody lager

    Bohemian Rhapsody was a 4.7% pilsner lager, brewed in the Czech Republic, with a “golden hop” taste and was available for a limited time in 2015.

  6. Courteeners – St Jude pils

    To mark the 10th anniversary of Liam Fray and co’s first album in 2018, the Camden Town Brewery came up with this, described by its makers as “a 4.7% unfiltered lager hopped with Perle, Equinox, Citra and Galaxy (with a little extra dry hops from Citra and Centennial for good measure”.

  7. AC/DC – Australian hard rock

    This 5% premium beer was made in collaboration with the Karlsberg brewery (known as Karlsbräu outside of Germany, so you’re not confused with Danish beer makers). Also available in barrels!

  8. Slow Down – KRFSHT

    Singer Joe Talbot came up with the name of this 4.8% toasted lager, which is supposed to represent the sound of opening a can of beer. This limited series was issued by Signature Infusion in time for the Bristol band’s headlining gig at London’s Alexandra Palace in December 2019.

  9. Pixies – Hey

    A very limited edition pale ale created by Beers in orbit in London to mark an exhibition of the album art creator of the late Olivier Vaughan in 2016.

  10. Motörhead B*stars Lager

    A typically irreverent name has been given to the metal legends’ own brand of beer (it was the name of their 1993 album). At 4.7%, it is dedicated to all “beer drinkers and hell breeders”.

Virginia F. Goins