10 streets named after rock bands

In 2004 Corporation Lane in Melbourne, Australia was renamed ACDC Lane to honor the biggest and best band Down Under.

But they are not the only ones to have their own street. Here’s your checklist for the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll vacation and pilgrimage.


Flaming Lips Alley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The quirky psychiatric platoon received this honor from its hometown in 2006. But it’s said to be a poorly lit alley, with trash everywhere. Talk about back braces!

Joey Ramone Place, New York, NY

In November 2003, part of Manhattan’s East 2nd Street was renamed in honor of the late Ramones frontman. This is the block where he once lived, and it’s close to CBGB’s site.

Placeta Joe Strummer, Grenada

In 2013, the late Clash icon had the honor of having a place named after him. It was in the city where he took refuge in 1984 as The Clash began to fall apart.

Dave Grohl Alley, Warren, Ohio

In 2009, the leading man of Foos received this honor from the city where he was born. He even showed up at the grand opening and played a song. Interestingly, the renaming of the alley was initiated by a local policeman.

Korn Row, Bakersfield, California

This street was officially opened in 2006, a day that was marked Korn Day. It’s said to be a quiet place, but at least the road sign has the trademark “R” group upside down.

Korn Row street sign

(Image credit: Renjishino via Wikimedia Commons)

Tom Petty Road, Dickson, TN

This stretches for 1.57 km, so it’s not the longest road ever named after a rock muso. And exactly why it was Dickson who decided to celebrate Petty… well, why not?

Jimi Hendrix Park, Seattle, WA

Well, having a park named after you is much nicer than a driveway. In 2006, a local park was renamed in honor of the great guitarist. And he also has Jimi Hendrix Way in Bellingham, WA.

Frank Zappa Straße, Berlin

On this street you will find a huge studio complex, named in 2007. Up to 160 bands can rehearse there simultaneously. Mind you, Zappa probably would have insisted that the walls all be torn down and everyone rehearse together in the open space.

Dio Lane, Cortland, NY

Ronnie James Dio grew up in Cortland, and the town decided to show its respect for the former resident by naming a street after him a few years ago. And this is the street where he actually grew up.

Anthrax Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina (retired)

In 1996, surveyor Mike Tate successfully persuaded authorities to name a street in North Carolina after Anthrax. Simply because he was a fan. Nobody said more until 2001, when we were afraid that terrorists would launch anthrax attacks (nothing to do with the group). Six of the seven residents asked for a name change and got it – hush! So it’s now Allegiance Avenue.

Virginia F. Goins