10 workout songs for rock climbing

We know nothing gets you through your workout like music – a good tune to distract you from the pain, a steady beat to keep the beat going, or an extra jolt of emotion to get you closer to the finish line.

And while your local gym might think a mix of heart-pounding pop music is for everyone, we’ve compiled some of our favorite workout songs into 10 unique playlists ranging from classic rock to hip hop and more. by thrilling pop music. This playlist includes 10 workout songs perfect for rock climbing.

Frontman Daniel Blumberg may have left the band, but not before giving us the perfect rock climbing song.

It was our pick for the song of 2012, and it’ll keep you going for years to come.

Just when you think you’re on the beat, the song kicks into high gear.

One of the secrets of why this song is so great (for working out, laying in a hammock, going to the dentist, whatever) is the groovy bass lines of “Two-Tone Tommy” Blankenship. But it’s the guitar at the song’s climax that will take your breath away.

Playing this song on guitar or drums is also considered a complete workout.

If you are a believer who slowly and steadily wins the race.


Recommended by US Olympic volleyball player Reid Priddy in Paste’s 2008 feature on Olympic workout music.

“Walking In Your Footsteps” is my favorite song from Shout Out Louds, but “Illusions” has a bit more pep behind it. (Also, it’s hard to practice the flute no matter how hard you swing.)

Produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie, this track uses bass as the main instrument. Catch your breath during the acoustic ending.


To quote Paste’s Indie Rock Primer, “Weezer used to rock – it’s crazy, but it’s true / Two words for you, kid: Pinkerton and Blue.


Virginia F. Goins