5 Rock Bands That Can Have Powerful Comebacks In 2021

Rock music is flourishing again. Fans of the genre miss the old-school aggressiveness of the music, much like the rock bands themselves. 2020 has seen some nice reunions and comebacks across the entertainment industry, including the rock genre. Amid a lockdown, artists around the world have had more time to hone their upcoming craft. Which of the many rock bands is bound to make a big comeback? Here are some of our picks!

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon burst into mainstream media with “Use Somebody” and then faded for a while. Over the past two weeks, they seem to have a strong grip on their potential uplift. The group has announced the release of a new album titled When you see yourself in March.

In order to raise the hype, they released a music video for their new single “The Bandit”. The song stays in the vein of their subtle indie rock style and sounds impressively like “Sex On Fire”. The upbeat groove proves they’ve retained the skills to potentially revitalize their popularity in the industry. That should keep listeners invested for what Kings of Leon has in store for the new album.


2021 will have an abundance of new Weezer hardware. Van Weezer was originally slated to release earlier in May 2020 until the pandemic pushed it back an entire year. The band marketed the record saying they went to their roots for this new album.

Given the name of the track, it will delve into the era of 70s rock that saw the rise of Van Halen, KISS and Black Sabbath. As far as we are concerned, it will be the opposite of BoB’s “Magic”. If their word isn’t promising enough, listen to the opener to “The End of the Game.”

Weezer also announced that they have another album titled okay human should be released at the end of January. The album is intended to be more on the delicate side of the music with the band members describing the music as piano-based. Once artists are allowed to tour again, Weezer will have a variety of new music to place on their sets despite already having an extensive library of releases.

system of a Down

This progressive rock band definitely has something stirring for 2021. Towards the end of 2020, they released the single “Protect the Land”, their first new material since 2005. Hypnotize. They’ve been doing reunion shows for the past two years, but it still surprised a lot of people. The band wants to raise awareness of the current dangers in Armenia through their new music.

Frontman Serj Tankian isn’t spitting out lyrics at a blistering pace yet, but he’s definitely developed as a melodic vocalist. If this song is the signal for a real System of a Down comeback, it will be interesting to see if their rock style has aged well.

Rage against the machine

The latest political climate in America practically called for a Rage reunion and it actually came true. In 2020, it was announced that Rage Against the Machine would headline Coachella and Boston Calling. It would have been their first appearance with original frontman Zack de la Rocha since the 2009 tour.

The other three members of Rage have played gigs with various frontmen such as Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, and have even released three albums with Chris Cornell under the Audioslave banner. Although de la Rocha is the quintessential leader of the group (sorry Cornell).

The rock band married its volume with de la Rocha’s aggressive but poetic verses. Their energetic performances live up to their name. The band then delayed their long-awaited reunion tour until the pandemic was over. Rage Against the Machine haven’t been in the studio together for many years, maybe that could change with the potential release of a new album.

Hot red peppers

Things are moving (again) with the lineup of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Funky Monks announced at the end of the 2019 book that John Frusciante was returning as guitarist. Frusciante has been responsible for the band’s biggest hits since he was 19, starting with “Under the Bridge” in 1991. Since then, he’s been known to disappear from the spotlight for a decade and come back with an abundance of new ideas. music for the group.

The first case was from 1991-1999 which ended with the release Californication, an album that broke new ground in West Coast alternative rock. After filming in 2006 Stadium Arcadium, Frusciante disappeared again. His return can only mean good things for the future of the group.

The pandemic unfortunately postponed their reunion tour with the rock band’s classic lineup. Although they haven’t released any singles or new albums lately, they confirmed that they’ve been writing music together for over a year at this point. And yes, Frusciante also confirmed that he only played with his classic Fender Stratocaster.

In a climate where returns occur daily, it is unpredictable which group will follow the trend.

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