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India is known for its classical and folk music, Varanasi is known for its Garana music. Indian rock is a famous music genre that incorporates elements of Indian classical music and traditional rock. India itself has always produced bands in different styles of rock music, from soft rock’n’roll to rock-pop, hard rock and metal. Today’s Indian rock scene has more fans than ever before and could soon gain international recognition. India has produced many rock bands, few of which have become mainstream in Indian music.

Agnee is India’s first rock band to have a commercially acclaimed release, and Shruti Haasan Bandnaam Extramentals is India’s first girl group. Euphoria, a rock band from the capital Delhi, is the most popular band in India. They have won a large audience with their unusual musical style, which includes a mix of electric guitar and traditional instruments such as tabla, dholak and sitar.

Aizawl, the first Indian rock band to be released internationally and the first Indian band to be nominated for a Grammy Award. The biggest platforms for rock bands in India are Independence Rock Festival Mumbai, Rock In India Bangalore, June Rock Out Chennai and The Hornbill National Rock in North East India. The Great Indian Rock Festival was held mainly in Delhi and now extends to Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Here is the list of the best Indian rock bands


Avial was released in 2003 from Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, and is named after a main course in South Indian cuisine. Avial, a kind of yellow Indian ratatouille, is a mixture of vegetables, dried or simmered, and flavored with coconut and curry leaves. The plaque was thought to symbolize his fusion of rock music and Malyalam lyrics. Avia was highly acclaimed even though she sang entirely in her regional language.

Avial classifies his music as alternative rock with elements of jazz and funk. Its lyrics are mostly based on popular Malyalam songs. The lyrics available in English translation turn out to be poignant lyrics like South Indian poetry colored by Latin American surrealism. Also untranslated, Avial is a pleasure to listen to and beautifully displays the weight of words and sounds as rhythm.


Agnee is one of the few Indian bands to be signed to a major international record label, bringing together the individual styles of the three members: classic rock, pop, folk rock, funk, jazz, Carnatic and Hindustani music. Apart from producing ‘Agnee’ in 2007 with Sony, they have also produced songs for Indian and international films.

For an introduction to his work, listen to upbeat yet moving “Shaam Tanha” or listen to “Hello Andheron” for a thrilling cinematic composition.


They are called cactus, but no, they are not from Rajasthan. Cactus is a Bengali rock band formed in 1998 in Kolkatta. They perfume their music with a mixture of blues, alternative rock and psychedelia.

As a Hindi speaker, we found his Bengali lyrics understandable enough to capture the heart of his meaning. But even if you don’t, the emotion in his music is very powerful. It speaks directly to your soul, if you believe in that stuff.

the regional train

This alternative rock band caused a stir in the music world. Their music is so moving it will make you smile.

Their first hit album “Aalas ka Pedh” was released in 2015 and they have been a fan favorite ever since. Take a look at these gems: Dil Mere, Choo Lo, Bandey and Aaoge Tum Kabhi.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean was born from a musical friendship that began in the 80s, between Asheem Chakravarty who played table and drums and Susmit Sen on guitar. Together they worked to forge a sound that reflected their interest in Eastern and Western music, producing Indian folk, jazz and rock. Many of his songs deal with themes of social and political protest.

Songs like “Kandisa” and “Bandeh” from the early days attract crowds that settle. They have also more recently worked on quirky and eclectic pieces such as ‘Tandanu’, from the 2014 album of the same name. The album shows them at their most versatile and virtuosic side. It features lyrics in five languages ​​and Indian instruments such as tabla, kanjira and a unique Hindustani slide guitar.

Thermal and Chamber

This Bangalore-based trio recorded India’s first concept album and also Asia’s first triple album. Additionally, they were opening acts when Guns n’ Roses first appeared on stage in India. One of India’s most successful indie rock bands, their musical genre is said to be ‘Bangalore rock’ rooted in classic rock.

Silk Road

Silk Route was a soulful trio of musicians with impeccable lyrics and pleasing sounds. The group is highly praised for the song Dooba-Dooba from their critically acclaimed 1998 debut album, Boondein. As a result, he gained acclaim in the Indian film industry and later had the opportunity to compose and perform songs for films such as Kalpana Lajmi’s ‘Kyon’, ‘Let’s Enjoy’ and ‘Urf Professor’.

They confess to influences as disparate as Sting, Simon & Garfunkel and Dire Straits, all of which find their way into the sounds of the Silk Road. The group has always added a special touch to its music using acoustic guitars, talking drums and harmonica and especially using the recorder, a 17th century European folk musical instrument played by Kem Trivedi.


Based in Delhi, Euphoria was founded in 1988 by a medical student and some friends, originally as an English band. Ten years later, they released the Hindi album ‘Dhoom’ and became the pioneers of Hindi rock. They were one of the first bands to forge an identity that was decidedly independent of classical and film genres, the usual mainstays of Indian music.

They also have a knack for longevity, managing to stay grounded in the music scene and finding the pulse of their listeners. Besides Pakistani Junoon, they were the first band to perform at the United Nations General Assembly in 2001.


Fossils is by far the best rock in India… It’s not parikrama… It’s not the Indian Ocean… Nobody else… The music and lyrics, while sounding like Iron Maiden at times, are original and the only sound in india is like real rock and roll. . Hard rock, heavy rock. If you like soul music and soft rock, there is a separate genre for both. For real rock, Fossils is the best rock band in India.

And bishakto manush is the best rock song of all time in India. And Fossils’ debut album, Fossils is the greatest Indian rock album of all time. Fossils are the best and finest band in Bengal as their music is very recognizable. They literally draw life with the power of sound! For every mood, there’s a song that can give me answers and make me feel better! The lyrics of his songs that touch me inside. His songs, a way of escaping when I’m struggling and giving me strength.


It’s a post-rock band. What kind of post-rock is this? Let’s define it like this: it’s a genre of rock that goes beyond rock, experimenting with different genres and obsessing over patterns and textures.

Aswekeepsearching is an internationally acclaimed band from India who have shared the stage with Katy Perry and Dua Lipa. How cool is that! Okay, now listen to this earwig: Rooh.


Another rock band but from South India is on the list, Motherjane is a Kerala based band, influenced by Carnatic music style, they have released two albums so far, Insane Biography and Maktub, showing their transition from classical Indian instruments to ethnic instruments. rock. wire mesh. The group is currently working on their next album, which should be released soon.

His album, Insane Biography, released in 2002, is considered one of the most influential Indian rock albums to date. Her second album of 2008, Maktub, clearly caught the attention of the music industry. Motherjane made an OST for Amal Neerad’s film ANWAR. The group has toured extensively inside and outside the country, with major international tours to the countries of Indonesia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. One of the best bands in India.

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