Boy suffers multiple injuries after falling from climbing wall at Wyandotte Fair – The News Herald

A boy climbing a rock wall at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair suffered multiple injuries after plunging about 25ft to the ground.

The incident happened Friday evening in an area of ​​the downtown fairground set aside for children’s activities.

Police would only say the victim is a minor, under the age of 17, and suffered multiple injuries, including broken bones.

“The victim was taken to hospital for further treatment,” Deputy Chief Constable Archie Hamilton said. “Our preliminary investigation does not reveal any criminal intent. It was an accident, either equipment failure or human error. The exact cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Witnesses reported online that a bungee cord the child was tied to broke. There was no mat or other protective device on the ground, which led to the boy falling directly onto the grass.

A woman posted on Facebook that her son was already attached to the equipment, ready to start, when they witnessed the boy fall. She described herself as being “traumatized” by the experience.

The attraction is offered by Airborne Bouncers, a Taylor-based company. Once the incident happened, Airborne packed up and left the art fair.

The company released the following statement regarding the incident: “The Airborne Bouncers family have been devastated by the accident, we would like to offer our sincere apologies to the young man and his family involved. Our company’s mission is to provide positive family fun and create memories. The equipment in question has been taken out of service until a full investigation and safety inspection is completed.

Virginia F. Goins