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MOORHEAD, Minn. — It’s one of the fastest growing outdoor activities, but it’s also something that can be done indoors. escalation. He made his 2020 Olympics debut last summer in Tokyo, and he’s taking the Noah Gallery, who traditionally trains by lifting weights, and his world by storm.

“I’ve been training for about two years, but wanted something more functional and a lot of fun,” said Gallery, who only recently got into the sport.

He spends his morning testing the rock wall inside Nature of the North in Moorhead.

“Here at Nature of the North, our goal is to get people outdoors for the physical and mental benefits they get,” said owner Jon Walters.

Nature of the North opened at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but has been a space where locals have come to fall in love with rock climbing.

“It’s nice that they can come and interact with people without worrying too much,” he said. “During the pandemic we realized that a lot of people were forced to go out and they were training three days a week and all of a sudden they go hiking and realize they weren’t as fit as they were. they thought so.”

Walters expresses the effectiveness of rock climbing and its sister, bouldering, when it comes to exercising and keeping your body in shape on days when you can’t always get out for a run or hike. bike.

“You still want to be able to train your body and train your mind, and the indoor bouldering wall is an amazing way to do that,” he said. “The physical aspect of it, ‘Okay. I just have to grab this and do this. Well, it looked really easy when someone did it, why not me?’ And then you start looking again and you realize, ‘Oh, it’s because I need to have more awareness with my body. Where is my weight changing?'”

Nature of the North’s boulder wall simulates the different types of surfaces and crevices you might encounter at a site on a path and changes from time to time, but there’s one thing different about the wall in the business. of Walter.

“We’re not necessarily telling you that you HAVE to climb the lanes. So if you just want to get on the wall and climb up the side, you can absolutely do that. You don’t have to climb the lanes. You you can just feel your body on the wall and feel the different pieces and parts of it,” Walters said. “I like to think of this as vertical yoga.”

A way to connect your body and mind through strategic planning of conquering a wall with man-made or nature holds. Rock climbing is also good for another purpose, like weightlifting, failure training.

“Fail a few times, then come back to the wall and try again,” he said. “Being able to consistently come up and fail is really powerful for the growth aspect… some of it is tough and you’re like, ‘Well, I can never do that next year. But I want you to train for it’, so you keep trying and trying.”

For Gallery, finally conquering a certain route on the wall is worth all failures.

“It’s really encouraging when you make these improvements. And when you fail a hundred times, but do it for the 101st time, it’s amazing,” Gallery said.

The main objective of the boulder wall in Nature of the North is always the same for its climbers.

“You start challenging yourself to fitness in a functional way, instead of ‘Well, I go to the gym and I do a bench press, and I run,’ and then you do your typical routine,” said said Walters.

Nature of the North is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Daily users are welcome, they also have a 10-day visit pass and a subscription. They are available on Facebook at “Nature of the North” on Instagram “natureofthenorth_fm” and the website.

Virginia F. Goins