Climbing with a sherp in Moab looks fun and scary

A machine that has no steering wheel and suspension setup? Meet, the Sherp all-terrain vehicle. Despite the inability to turn its front wheels and the presence of springs on each of its wheels, the Sherp can tackle any terrain in its path. In fact, it can float on water thanks to its floating body and uniquely designed wheels that can paddle.

While the Sherp is an undeniably capable amphibious vehicle, there’s that question of whether it can scale the rocks of Moab, Utah. As we all know, the grounds of Moab are not ordinary; the rocks are slippery and the trail gets harder the further you go. It’s like a Mecca for North American off-roaders and thrill seekers.

The simplest answer to the question would be yes, given the other surfaces the vehicle can conquer, but a video of far from the ordinary on YouTube (embedded at the top of this page) shows us a real Sherp climbing through the rocks.

As you can see, the Sherp’s built-in tire inflation/deflation system was its best weapon, even for the tough Moab climbs. Admittedly, the Sherp struggled at one point, but with the adjustments and techniques employed by its operator, the ATV finished the job, ultimately erasing any doubt of the Sherp’s fame.

What’s cool about the video is that the owner of the Sherp invited the owner of the video to join him for the ride and brought the kids with him. I can imagine the fun the kids had inside the huge ATV.

If you are interested in buying one, Sherp official site has various offers that you might want to check out. It’s not road legal, so don’t expect to use this ATV for menial city racing.

Virginia F. Goins