COREY TAYLOR calls ALICE IN CHAINS “one of the greatest rock bands of all time”

Corey Taylor has a lot to say about Chained Alice and the late and great singer Layne Staley. During a Q&A at the Jo Ann Davidson Theater at the Riffe Center in Columbus, OH, taylor called Chained Alice “one of the greatest rock bands of all time” in every rock subgenre. Taylor also talked a lot about Staley, his struggles and his words.

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“It has to be Chained Alice. Chained Alice, to me, is one of the greatest rock bands that ever existed. And I’m not just talking about grunge or metal or something like that. They revolutionized music so much and they inspired me to change the way I write music. I mean, period, period, end of sentence.

Layne Staley is still one of the greatest fucking singers that ever lived. Now, that’s not a reflection of the demons he’s had to fight, obviously, and that’s all to do with his talent. He just made it sound so easy, and he could sing anything, he could write anything, and the shit he was writing about was killing him, and yet we loved it. To me, it was the greatest soul-baring I’ve ever heard. And if you need further proof of that, all you have to do is listen to ‘Nutshell’. It’s one of the greatest songs ever written. And it’s not even my favorite Chained Alice song.

“My favorite Chained Alice the song is ‘Would?’ Full stop. This song is amazing. But ‘Nutshell’ is such an outpouring of trying to share with you the darkness that is in its heart. And even though you hear it, it’s so light, you’re just, like, ‘Fuck. Where is he?’ And we never knew.

“And that’s the great tragedy of people like Layne. It’s not only Layne, obviously; there are so many people who come from this generation of artists. The pain they endured – some of them won, some didn’t. But the great thing is that we can listen to their music and it can help us overcome our own pain. And probably not a day goes by that I don’t listen Chained Alice. It’s still just as good. And the fact that I know these guys now is just icing on the cake. It’s great to be able to hang out with your favorite band.”

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Watch fan-filmed Q&A footage below, courtesy of Blabbermouth.

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