Demi Lovato shares her ‘Holy Fvck’ album trailer

Somewhere in a misty graveyard, there is a headstone that reads, “Demi Lovato’s Pop Music Career: 2011 – 2022.”

Earlier this year, the singer held a impromptu funeral for their pop era at a label reunion preparing for the next phase of their career. Now Grim Reaper Lovato has slammed the final nail in their pop coffin with the official unveiling of Saint-Fvckthe singer’s eighth studio album is set to be released on August 19 via Island Records.

“The process of creating this album has been the most fulfilling to date, and I am grateful to my fans and collaborators for taking this journey with me,” Lovato shared in a statement. “I have never been so sure of myself and my music, and this record speaks for itself. To my Lovatics who have been with me since the beginning and to those who have just accompanied me, thank you. This record is for you.

Saint-Fvck will be released on June 10 with its first single “Skin of my Teeth”. “I’m alive by the skin of my teeth,” Lovato sings over a bed of electric guitars in a trailer. “I survived but it became harder to breathe.”

Lovato has spent the last few weeks teasing the track, most notably through a custom newspaper front page dated for single release date. “Demi Leaves Rehab Again!” one title reads, the others: “Demi Lovato, 29, Seen With Mystery Substance In City Of Angels” and “Freak Demi Lovato Screams Eat Me To Paparazzi”.

In another snippet from the trailer, Lovato opens the doors to her own flashy circus, teasing, “Get your freak show tickets, baby / Hop in right now to watch the freak go crazy.” The 180 theme of their latest album Dance with the devil… The art of starting over is rooted in the singer’s embrace of all its internal and external fallout. Even the cover negotiates the slight metamorphosis of dance with the devil in favor of latex, bondage and a cross-shaped mattress. “I piss people off by living my truth,” she shared in a ICT Tac. “And I’m okay with that.”

Virginia F. Goins