Elden Ring fan finds game reference in climbing gym

An Elden Ring fan shares an unexpected reference to the game he found in a rather unlikely place; climbing holds in a climbing gym.

Ring of Elden released in February 2022 and quickly became a global sensation. The game was FromSoftware’s follow-up to the popular dark souls series, which meant that the game not only had a large fan base dedicated to its release, but many players interested in entering the souls serial now had a new IP to dive into. Ring of Elden quickly became the best-selling game in FromSoftware’s repertoire.

It is therefore not surprising, after such a boom in popularity, that Ring of EldenThe influence of has extended outside the realm of video games. Ring of Elden references started popping up in unexpected places in the real world, like restaurant menus, and Ring of Elden online fans loved sharing these findings with each other.


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The last unexpected Ring of Elden The reference to be found was shared online by a Reddit user named ED935, who spotted an elaborate reference to the game in the design of the climbing holds on a climbing gym wall. The complex design seen on the Reddit user’s photo will be instantly recognizable to Ring of Elden fans as the game’s main logo, and traditionally this symbol is the Ring of Elden which gives the game its title.

Clearly there is a big Ring of Elden fan working at this particular climbing gym, who decided to create an intricate real-world homage to Ring of Elden in the placement of climbing holds on the wall. Decently enough for the game, it would be a rather difficult climb Ring of Elden symbol despite its many takes. Indeed, the bulk of its interconnected rings are made up of the smaller holds, which are usually only for foot placement.

In the game, this Ring of Elden The symbol is meant to be the combination of all the different powerful runes that the player is tasked with collecting. Despite its complexity, this Ring of Elden symbol has popped up in other places after being lovingly recreated by fans of the game, and such Ring of Elden the player even put the design on his graduation cap. The Reddit user says this particular climbing route didn’t have a name, but fans in the post’s comments were quick to serve up appropriate pun names, such as “Elden Cling.”

There are many examples of video game fans creating real-world homages to their favorite games like Red Dead Redemption 2. But this Ring of Elden the rock face design is an impressive achievement on the part of one dedicated Ring of Elden fan designed it and took the time to put it together. It is also an impressive way to use a hundred yellow spare escalations.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Virginia F. Goins