Fit is the New Skinny: Indoor Climbing for Any Age and Fitness Level | Yakima News

YAKIMA, WA – At the High Steppe Climbing Center, climbers are both physically and mentally disabled. There is no age limit. People can rent all the necessary equipment to climb safely.

“Anyone can come here, and there will be something they can enjoy about climbing, it really is for everyone,” manager Nathan Joyner said.

Rock climbing is a social sport, Joyner said. He said that many climbers help each other to tackle the routes.

“Seeing people share the experience of rock climbing together is really what it’s about,” Joyner said.

There are three methods of climbing; self-belaying, bouldering and rope climbing. Joyner said self-belaying is best for beginners.

Self-belay climbers are attached to a safety rope to guide them, without the need for a partner.

“People who climb regularly find that they become stronger, more coordinated, more flexible, and have a better sense of balance,” Joyner said.

Every week, Joyner recreates climbing lessons to keep climbers active and challenged.

Joyner said the climbing center is a great starting point for aspiring outdoor climbers. He said all gear and gear are the same except for the colored rocks. He said climbers should have a mentor before climbing alone outdoors.

Monthly and annual subscriptions allow climbers to come as often as they wish. The gym competition team is looking for adult and youth members.

Virginia F. Goins