Go high with a climbing workout the next time you train

Everytime men’s health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS and women’s health chief editor Liz Plosse squeeze in a workout together they go hard.

Sometimes they go so high. As in, climbing a climbing wall (this activity is also called bouldering, FYI). In our video series featuring Eb and Liz, watch them guide viewers through their most beloved workout moves, and today’s agenda took them to a climbing gym. Climbing is one of those really fun things for two, so take a plus and book a session at a climbing gym near you.

“Yeah, you put me in the deep bath first. It was, it was so hard, but an awesome, amazing challenge,” says Liz as she gets into her harness and scales the wall with Eb scouting her for the first round. For the Eb trick, he felt confident in his strength, but quickly remembered how much hip mobility was needed for the activity to move around and find different grips and footholds.

Indeed, the block requires a lot of strength, especially in the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and of course the back, arms and grip. Maintaining speed is also a challenge, especially as muscle fatigue begins to set in, and especially if you’re new to the sport, and it takes you longer to, quite literally, find your balance. You can check out our beginner’s guide to bouldering here for a more detailed look at the sport and tips on how to train before trying it. (For more inspiration, These climbing exercises will build plump forearms and ripped abs.)

Finally, the two take a tandem ride up the wall. “[Going] with my favorite race. I was so inspired to see you rise so fast. I wanted to follow you and keep finding my handholds, and my toeholds, so doing it with a friend made all the difference,” says Liz.

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Virginia F. Goins