Here are the best places to go indoor rock climbing in Leeds – for adults and kids

Climbing has grown in popularity since its appearance at the 2020 Olympics – for the first time in history lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering have been included.

When practiced indoors on an artificial rock face, the sport is known as competitive rock climbing.

The climber’s objective is to reach the top of the wall while navigating a series of complex rock formations without falling.

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The best climbing walls in Leeds.

Rock climbing may date back to the 1880s, but it really took off as a recreational hobby in the 1950s.

The family business started in 2017.

Once inside Clip ‘N’ Climb, guests enjoy a brief five-minute briefing with an expert, followed by 55 minutes to explore the various climbing walls.

The standard price for an adult is £13.50 for adults and children.

They serve food and drinks in their cafe for all spectators.

Birthday parties and events can be booked on site.

Address: Unit 3, Tristram Centre, Brown Ln, Holbeck, Leeds, LS12 6BF

This climbing center was founded by four former members of the British bouldering team.

They have used their experience in the competitive world to create a site that will engage beginners and experts alike.

City Bloc was renovated in 2020 and expanded its facilities with a new gym and relaxation area.

There are three different wall types in the center to allow climbers to try out different styles and tricks.

An adult session (coaching included) costs £15.

They run regular children’s classes for £7.50.

City Bloc has a cafe that sells hot drinks and snacks as well as a variety of climbing equipment such as boulder blocks and liquid chalk.

There are changing rooms on site as well as bicycle storage.

Address: 1-4 Kitson Road, Leeds West Yorkshire, LS10 1NT

This site offers courses for beginners and more experienced climbers.

They run introductory classes for newbies to the sport where people can learn how to wall tackle unsupervised.

An adult session costs £11 but Depot Climbing also offers a cheaper monthly subscription.

All equipment rental is included in the price of a session.

Address: 100A, Gelderd Road, Leeds, LS12 6BY and 173 Richardshaw Ln, Stanningley, Pudsey, LS28 6AA

The open space has slabs and vertical walls with a state-of-the-art holding section.

Experienced climbers can take advantage of the practice area which features a variety of overhead panels (Lattice, Beastmaker, Progression), weight room, moon board and peg board.

The Climbing Lab also has a children’s area, free on-site parking and bicycle storage.

There’s a spectator cafe that sells cakes from local businesswoman Jodie Bakes.

General adult admission is £10 – students can climb for £6.50.

Address: Units 12, 14 and 15, Kirkstall Industrial Park, Leeds, LS4 2AZ

Virginia F. Goins