Hold On Tight And Watch This Trailer For Climbing Thriller THE LEDGE – GeekTyrant

Paramount Pictures and Saban Films have released the trailer for a ridiculous rock climbing thriller titled The flange. The film is described as a “female-centric take on 1993 thriller“, and it focuses on a young woman climbing the face of a mountain as a group of guys try to kill her. The movie really feels like it’s from the 90s because it has the same kind of camping vibe as the films released at that time.

Here is the synopsis:

A climbing adventure between two friends turns into a terrifying nightmare. After Kelly (Brittany Ashworth) captures the murder of her best friend on camera, she becomes the next target for a tight-knit group of friends who will stop at nothing to destroy evidence and anyone in their path. Desperate for her safety, she begins a perilous climb up a mountain cliff and her survival instincts are tested when she finds herself trapped with the killers just 20 feet away.

The movie was directed by Howard J. Ford (Mainline Run, Distant Shadow, The Dead, The Dead 2: India, Never Let Go, Adventure Boyz, The hauntings of lockdown), and it features Brittany Ashworth, Ben Lamb, Louis Boyer, Nathan Welsh, Anais Parelloand David Wayman.

The film is set to hit theaters, digital and on-demand on February 18.

Virginia F. Goins