In Kerala, man stuck on steep vertical cliff as rock climbing adventure goes wrong

What was supposed to be a fun experience turned into a nightmare when a young man, while hiking with his friends, became trapped and stranded on a steep vertical face in a remote area of ​​Malampuzha Canyon in the Palakkad district of Kerala. The man named Babu had set out to climb the hill of Cherad with two others who gave up the climb halfway through. Reports say the man has been stuck for 24 hours and drone footage shows him sitting in what appears to be a precarious point on the cliff. Locals said Babu reached the top of the hill but fell and got stuck between rocks after slipping.

In the visual collected by the drone, the boy can be seen sitting in a fissure on the canyon, which is quite far below the top of the hill. This shows the distance Babu must have traveled when he climbed to the top of the hill. The clip gives an idea of ​​the size of the wall which seems to stand at almost ninety degrees. As mentioned above, several attempts were made to rescue the man but the operations were unsuccessful despite the use of a helicopter on February 8.

Kerala CM steps in to offer help to young people

Efforts to rescue the adventurer have been in vain as the police, fire department, NDRF and even the Kochi Coast Guard have so far failed. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also intervened and asked for help from the army to rescue the youths. It should be noted that the man attempted to climb the hill on February 7 and faced the scorching heat without water or food for more than a day.

To ensure a safe rescue, a special team from Bangaluru is deployed. According to PTI, Army Southern Command Lt. Gen. Arun informed the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) that the team specializes in mountaineering and rescue. From now on the rescue was difficult for those in charge because during the day the heat is scorching and unbearable and after sunset it becomes windy and cold and even wild animals were wandering around.

Image: Republic World

Virginia F. Goins