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When the weather isn’t cooperating and the rocks on the mountain are too slippery to climb or it’s a bit too cold outside, people can turn to indoor climbing.

Enter the 45 Climbing and Fitness Center, located at 200 Den Mac Drive, just off the highway. 421 on the east edge of Boone. Center 45 has several indoor climbing walls that are on several different angles that climbers with several different abilities can try.

“(There’s) no limit to what you can learn here,” Center 45 employee Finan Kiser said. “You can start in the gym and take it to the national level without even having to step outside on rock.”

Kiser has worked at Center 45 for about five months, but has been rock climbing for about five years. There are several benefits to climbing indoors, Kiser said. He said starting in a climbing gym is a good way to start.

In a climbing gym, people have the advantage of having color-coded climbing routes that vary in difficulty. There are also thick pads to protect people if they fall off the wall.

According to Center 45, the climbing center walls are all 14 feet at the top with varying rock sizes. Center 45 does bouldering, which is a popular form of ropeless climbing — usually done on a wall or rock formation 20 feet or less in height, depending on the climbing center.

Kiser said climbing for him wasn’t about sport or exercise, it was about process.

“I like the process of trying something really hard, something you can’t do on the first or second try, then doing all the moves, then stringing them together and completing the full course,” Kiser said. “It’s not about getting to the top, it’s how you get there.”

Often, Kiser said, beginners will forget to use their feet. Kiser said he also sometimes forgets to use his feet.

“It’s very, very easy to come in and just step on the sides of your feet or just neglect to use your feet at all,” Kiser said. “Learning to use your feet is probably the mark of a very good climber.”

Climbing is not just for young people and athletes, Kiser said, anyone can do it.

“I saw so many different types of people, so many different backgrounds,” Kiser said. “Toddlers like it. I saw their grandparents enjoying it. There are a lot of people who like it. It’s not just one dimension here.

You can find more information about Center 45 and how to get started with indoor climbing at

Virginia F. Goins