“It’s the best hard rock record since Appetite For Destruction”

Originally designed by Anthrax guitarist Ian Scott and his wife Pearl Aday in a love letter to guitarist Jim Wilson’s underrated bluesy hard rock band Mother Superior, Motor Sister debuted in 2015 with the album Strolla collection of Mother Superior’s covers.

Motor Sister group photo

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Motor Sister group photo

With album two, get offthe LA quintet – completed by holy armored bassist Joey Vera and The cult drummer John Tempesta – emerging as an excellent band in their own right, with 12 songs that tap into their shared love for Slim Lizzy, AC DC, Embrace and the best classic rock.

Seven years passed between the first Motor Sister album and the new one. Was it always planned to record a second album?

Ian Scott: Yes, we knew that we would eventually start writing original songs, if the schedules allowed it.

pearl day: And when Jim came to us and said, “Guys, I have some new ideas, do you want to hear them?” we were all on board immediately.

Scott Ian: Just as we started recording the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown so we had to take a year off! But it’s worth the wait.

Get Off sounds like the best jukebox in the best bar in town.

pearl day: I absolutely agree! It’s our version of the music we all love. I mean, Sooner or later is a great song by Thin Lizzy…

Ian Scott: When Jim played us that demo, I said, “This is Lizzy’s best song since Black Rose!” You can totally imagine Phil Lynot sing this song. For me this record scratches an itch that you didn’t even know you had, it’s the music in our DNA. When we were asked to describe the record for our press biography, I said it was the best hard rock record since appetite for destruction. But they left this line aside!

If Motor Sister were a brand new band, people would say, “These guys are the future of rock!” Why aren’t more young bands making records like this?

Ian Scott: Because it’s not in their blood, because they are nineteen, twenty years old and they haven’t known life yet. Every time a new band is introduced like The Saviors Of Rock I get excited and want to hear them, but the records never live up to the hype. I don’t knock young bands, but we’ve lived this life, and these classic hard rock albums have been the soundtracks to our lives.

You haven’t really had a chance to tour Stroll. Will you be able to visit this one?

Ian Scott: I really hope. We will do our best. We have a window in November where we are all available and hope to have a good run of dates at that time. And next year we hope to finally arrive in the UK. We love to play and see each other more socially than when we’re in business with a band, so the idea of ​​hitting the road properly with our best friends is exciting.

Tell us why people need this album.

Ian Scott: Because it’s the only real hard rock record coming out in 2022. If you’re looking for a real rock record, look no further, this is for you.

Virginia F. Goins