Jason Momoa Shared The Rock Climbing Workout He Swears To Get In Shape For “Aquaman 2”

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  • Actor Jason Momoa recently shared a trip to Canada’s largest indoor climbing gym on his YouTube channel.

  • He said he was getting back into shape in time to film “Aquaman 2.”

  • Momoa is an avid climber, despite suffering from tendonitis, and has taught the sport to his family members.

Actor Jason Momoa took fans on a shirtless tour of a Canadian climbing facility on October 10 Youtube post, sharing his love for the sport before leaving for the filming of “Aquaman 2”.

He said he was trying to “get back in shape” during his day at the gym.

“I haven’t trained as much as I should because it’s COVID and it’s tough. We train in the backyard,” he said.

Walking the camera around Canada’s largest indoor climbing gym, Momoa literally jumps excitedly to be there, showing off the 50-foot-tall facility in Mississauga, Ontario, north of Toronto.

“It’s pretty bad when you’re running around the gym so excited,” he said. “I have a special place in my heart for climbing gyms.”

Momoa has been a long time rock climbing fandespite having tendonitis, as he notes in the video, which can cause pain, swelling and stiffness in the tendons.

At the gym, an assistant uses a knife scraper to help massage and loosen Momoa’s arms so he can keep climbing.

At one point, Momoa takes a break, thanks to too many recent leg days, he said, and uses a massage gun to help ease the pain.

“I can feel it. I’m not in climbing shape,” he said.

Momoa is also shown in the video teaching his cousin how to climb, which he says is in exchange for surfing lessons.

“There’s so many things I’ve learned climbing that it’s awesome, it’s such a beautiful thing to share,” Momoa said.

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