Lansing Indie Rock Bands Reunite For Compilation Album

skyler ashley

SUNDAY, March 28 — Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of indie rock bands in Lansing haven’t performed a live concert in over a year. But our tenacious local guitarists aren’t totally asleep. “This must be the place: quality tubing from Lansing” is a new compilation that gives the local music scene a well-deserved opportunity to shed some of the pandemic rust.

GTG Records has teamed up with music writer Rich Tupica – author of longtime City Pulse column “Turn it Down!” – to bring together some of Lansing’s best underground rock bands for a stacked compilation that features a fun mix of covers. If you want a solid sample of what’s happening with local indie music, this is a great starter pack to dig into.

“Each group could choose whatever cover they wanted. No restrictions or themes,” Tupica said. “I felt this would not only encourage more people to contribute, but also allow them to properly document a cover they were considering doing.”

Each band featured on “This Must Be the Place” recorded a send-off to their favorite artist. Classic bands covered in the compilation include post-punk outfits like The Talking Heads, classic rock bands like Jefferson Airplane and The Who, and even Alice in Chains-style grunge bands.

“This compilation came together organically. It just felt like something that had to happen,” Tupica said. “There were almost no live gigs, so it’s kind of a stopgap in that sense. It’s a way to discover local bands when we can’t see them in person.”

“This Must Be the Place” is a fun mix of music that is distinctly representative of Lansing’s current and past underground rock scene. New bands like the Rodeo Boys and Silktail are popping up, along with veterans like Wally Pleasant and The Plurals. The cover, a night shot of a Quality Dairy parking lot, is also a fun nod to Lansing culture.

The album is available for download 100% free on GTG Record’s BandCamp page. Tupica said it was important that the compilation was easy to listen to and easy to distribute.

“In short, it was just a fun project. And, something that’s really important here is that it’s totally free to listen and download. No profits, just fun,” he said. he declares.

Virginia F. Goins