Lucky Legends celebrates iconic rock bands and classic Americana

Things can be legendary and things can be Legendary– and sometimes things can be both. It’s a fact that Lucky Brand understood and used for its Lucky Legends collection, an edition of iconic (legendary) denim pieces featuring some of the biggest names in rock and roll (Legendary). The limited edition range was inspired by a deep dive into the brand’s archives, and the resulting range has all the high marks you’d expect from a collection centered on the freedom and creativity forever associated with denim. American.

What’s really so fantastic about all things blue jeans is that it’s a blank slate. It is a canvas intended to be taken up by any group and adopted as a uniform. From the quirky workday attitude (spotted in perfect straight-leg jeans) to his Western vibe (via denim shirts with classic yoke stitching) and more than a dose of his “I’m with the band” (highlighted with classic rock logos sprayed on the cuts), this is a collection for true blue denim lovers.

Lucky Legend Authentic Heirloom Shirt

lucky mark


There is something for every taste.

By searching the archives for all the must-have silhouettes such a capsule calls for, Lucky Brand has ensured that all the perfect denim fits you’ve been looking for are represented. It’s a true callback to all the wardrobe staples: denim jackets, western chambray shirts, frayed shorts that seem to have had them for years. Everything is here !

It’s the perfect dose of Americana.

Of course, head-to-toe red, white and blue can read a bit much. The perfect way to incorporate the old stars and stripes might be the way it’s done here, with small appearances like the inner lining of a pair of jeans and clever touches in the form of star screen printing and embroidery. We are considering flag hits on the back of denim jackets for men and women. The latter is cut slightly more boxer, offering a loose fit that would contrast perfectly with spring and summer dresses.

The rock nod is chic and gig-ready.

There are band t-shirts and merchandise, but beyond that, flaunting your musical affinity can be tricky in the wardrobe space. The inclusion of some of the world’s biggest names is done well here, with iconic bands displayed on clippings in tonal colors. The pink-on-pink shorts are a sartorial highlight (because, honestly, when’s the last time you saw pink denim shorts?), but the High Rise Mom Shorts fit like a denim dream. Come summer, these shorts are bound to be a favorite in our wardrobe rotation.

Oh, and what to wear it with is also covered.

It’s unfair to call it just a denim collection, though. There are non-jean pieces dotted around that you’d be wrong to miss. T-shirts with the classic Lucky Brand logo are sweet as can be, and patchwork cardigans offer a layering alternative for days when your denim jacket needs a break.

Lucky Legend Classic Logo Classic Crew

Short? It’s a collection that reflects the image of denim from which it draws its inspiration, with an attitude and accessibility for everyone deeply rooted in the tradition of American fashion.

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Virginia F. Goins