Man killed in fall while rock climbing in West Cape Howe National Park

A 29-year-old man died after falling around 20m while rock climbing with friends in southern Western Australia.

The experienced climber was with his partner and several other people near Dunsky Beach, about 4km from the main lookout at West Cape Howe National Park, at 4.50pm on Tuesday when tragedy struck.

“He was rock climbing on a vertical cliff when he ran into a problem and fell,” police said in a statement Wednesday.

“The man died from the injuries he sustained. His family has been notified of the incident.

Acting Superintendent of Police Paul McMurtrie told 6PR radio that the man’s death was tragic news for the family.

He said the group successfully concluded a climb in the morning and then rested before the man and one of his friends decided to undertake a second ascent in the afternoon.

They descended a steep granite cliff and ascended when a landslide caused him to lose his grip.

Supt McMurtrie said the man’s partner was understandably upset.

The other man was also injured and taken to hospital.

Camera iconThe man was an experienced climber. Credit: News Regional media

The man’s body could not be recovered immediately due to safety concerns related to poor light and weather conditions. The police therefore remained at the scene throughout the night.

“We got the drone up at first light this morning and I’m glad no recovery attempt was made last night as it’s definitely a steep cliff or rock face “said Superintendent McMurtrie.

“The rescue helicopter was considered last night but due to high winds and darkness they were unable to carry out the rescue.

“The State Emergency Service Vertical Rescue Group was deployed, but unfortunately due to the complication of the rock face and fall, the decision was made to perform the recovery in the morning for safety. of all.

“It will take quite a while at SES today. It’s a very dangerous area and you shouldn’t be too careful for everyone’s safety, but obviously we want to return the youngster to his family.

A report will also be prepared for the coroner.

Virginia F. Goins