Method Climbing brings rock climbing and more to Newark

Jhe most common forms of exercise are running and cycling, either outdoors or using stationary equipment indoors. However, another increasingly popular form of exercise is rock climbing. Rock climbing offers mental stimulation, physical challenge and a social experience. Newark Rock Climbing Method provides all of this and more.

Method Climbing is an expansive facility inside the refurbished Walker House luxury apartment complex. The ground floor features the 2,000 square foot Method Cafe and retail space; meanwhile, the lower basement houses the gym, with cardio machines, free weights, and fitness equipment. In addition to offering different types of climbing and a gym, Method Climbing offers fitness and yoga classes.

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Bouldering, Top Roping, and more

Method Climbing offers over 12,000 square feet of climbing terrain; in particular, they have 8,000 square feet of block and 4,000 square feet of top rope. “It’s important for climbers to train for strength and endurance to prevent injury,” says co-owner James Chi; he owns the place with his wife, Min. “Yoga, capoeira and fitness classes help with balance, body positioning, strength and endurance,” he adds. Click here to see their list of rock climbing courses.

The climbing gym hosts many events that foster an active community, such as mock competitions. For example, events include Black Girls Boulder, College Night, Ladies Crew, Spectrum Climbers (LGBTQ+), and Subtle Asian Climbing. They also host alternative events like chess meetups and tournaments, member appreciation nights, as well as karaoke and open mics.

Future plans for Method Climbing include adding 45 and 60 degree climbing walls, which are steeper than their current walls. They also plan to develop scholarship programs so that those who cannot afford to go to the gym can attend.

The husband and wife pair are longtime Newark residents and avid climbers. “Sport and community have had such an incredible impact on our family,” says James. “Support and inclusivity is something that is missing in so many sports and activities. Newark has never had a climbing gym and it was our dream to bring the climbing community to the city .

In fact, James says clients come for the climbing, but stay for the community. “People are realizing that rock climbing is more about the social nature of one’s community than the physical aspect of it,” he explains. “Climbing is intense physical training; it’s a fun and holistic way to exercise. But climbing is really about community. It is surprisingly accessible to people of all levels and physical abilities. and is a great way to meet like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment.

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Visit Method Climbing at 16 Lombardy St in Newark. (Click here to find them on Google Maps.) To learn more, Click here to visit their website | Follow them on Instagram | Click to call them.

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