Rock Climbing in the Utah Valley: What You Need to Know

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In the Utah Valley, it’s easier than you think to find a rock climbing adventure that’s sure to please, no matter your experience or skill level. Whether you’re bouldering in the Rock Canyon or climbing limestone walls in the American Fork Canyon, there are a few things you need to know about rock climbing in the Utah Valley.

Know where to go: Rock Canyon

In real estate as in rock climbing, location is everything. Fortunately, the Utah Valley is home to some of the best rock climbing in the state. In Provo you will find climbing mainly in rock canyonthe canyon has nearly 500 routes, from “quartzite rock that offers fun and challenging little climbs as well as lots of big juggy climbs,” according to

Some of the most famous spots in the canyon include ACDC Wall, which has several bolt-on routes depending on your ability and desired degree of difficulty.

The most popular rock in the canyon however is The Kitchen. The site is particularly easy to access; in fact, you can park in the main canyon lot. Routes to The Kitchen range from 5.4 to 5.10, all within a 20ft alcove

Know where to go: American Fork Canyon

More experienced climbers will flock to American Fork Canyon, where steep limestone is the main attraction. The most popular – and most challenging – spot in the canyon for climbers is Hell Cave. The “great smoky cave is the centerpiece of the Hell Zone and features many radically steep classics.” Hell Cave offers 13 climbs ranging from 5.7 to 5.11

Outside of the Hell Area, you’ll find dozens of climbs. In fact, you can find over 150 routes in American Fork Canyon. To get the most out of classic bagged limestone, go to Mountain Project for a full list of the most popular and top rated routes.

Rock Climbing in the Utah Valley: What You Need to Know
Photo: Explore the Utah Valley

Choose the right season

Although rock climbing is always a good idea during the sunny spring and summer months, don’t let the cold keep you away from the rocks. If you have the skills, consider enjoying the world famous ice climbing at Provo Canyon – a canyon calls “the ice climbing mecca of the state”.

Provo Canyon has ice climbing spots for everyone, from WI-2 routes, perfect for novices, to the more dangerous Stairway to Heaven.

Find the right team

Although rock climbing can be an independent sport, there is something to be said for finding the right climbing partner or team – after all, in a very literal sense, your team is there to help keep you going. life. sports rock provides some guidelines for determining the characteristics you want in a climbing partner. First, they will need to pay attention to detail, especially when it comes to security. You’ll also need someone who’s willing to use safety controls, has stellar knotting abilities and belaying skills, and someone who can perform in stressful situations.

Of course, having a good time is also important, so make sure your team includes people you know and love.

Rock Climbing in the Utah Valley: What You Need to Know
Photo: Explore the Utah Valley

Safety first

From craggy limestone to world famous ice, climbing in the Utah Valley is an epic adventure. But regardless of your experience and skill level, safety is always paramount. Most climbers understand the basics of climbing safety, but if you could use a refresher (and most people could), Trip Savvy has a high-level checklist to make sure you don’t skip a practice. critical security.

For example, be sure to always wear a helmet when climbing – in or out of the Utah Valley. Also, always check your harnesses and knots, as well as those of your partner or team.

It is also essential to use the right ropes and to always keep your head on the climb. And of course, always bring enough – and appropriate – gear for your trip.

If you’re ready for another epic climbing season, it starts in the Utah Valley. For more information see Explore the Utah Valley.

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