Stawamus Chief rock slide: 10 climbers were within meters

About 10 climbers who were within yards of a huge rockslide on the Stawamus Chief on Sunday all managed to get out of the rock face safely, Squamish Search and Rescue said.

Manager Katy Chambers said the climbers were on a route called Angel’s Crest in the North Walls area of ​​the Rock Face, located north of Vancouver, when the 1,000 cubic meter granite slab fell.

Fortunately, no one got caught in the slide, Chambers said.

“All the climbers we know have been accounted for,” she said. The first edition‘s Rick Cluff.. “All vehicles have been identified in the area.”

Chambers said the climbers were “quite shocked” as a huge cloud of dust and noise surrounded them.

“Most of them continued to climb and finish the day and we interviewed them in the evening,” she said.

“A lot of them just hunkered down, they weren’t quite sure what was going on.”

Geotechnical engineers assessed the landslide from the air, but the pile of debris, described by Chambers as being the size of two square city blocks, is still considered too unstable to examine.

Chambers says a report on the region’s long-term stability could be ready by the end of the week.

The cause of the slide is not yet known and the area is closed to climbers until further notice.

To hear the full interview with Katy Chambers, listen to the audio titled: Climbers found safe after landslide in Squamish

Virginia F. Goins