Steve Albini offers to produce Dolly Parton’s rock record

After Dolly Parton withdrew from consideration for the Rock and Roll of Fame, saying she had to make a great rock record first, she received an offer from a man who has helped more artists in those hallowed halls that anyone alive: Steve Albini.

Parton was nominated for the Class of 2022 in February alongside Eminem, Rage Against the Machine, and more. In a statement explaining why she would decline a possible Hall of Fame induction at this time, she said she would like to be considered in the future, but only after she “releases a great rock ‘n’ roll album. , hopefully…which I’ve always wanted to do!

Albini retweeted that statement and his offer was short and sweet: “Dolly Parton do you like analog recording,” he wrote, though so far she hasn’t responded publicly. Check the message below.

If the Queen of Nashville decides to make a rock record, she will enjoy her first choice of collaborators, as well as the support of her husband, a “total rock ‘n’ roll freak”. She seems to be in the mood to try new things, having just published her first novel with the help of James Patterson, Run, Rose, Run. Last month, it announced that it would cover 100% of tuition fees for all Dollywood employees.

As for Albini, he recently felt that the Juggalos are better people than the Deadheads, and called Joe Rogan and Barstool Sports “trash.”

Virginia F. Goins