Video of rock slide along Highway 395 during California earthquake

Brett Durrant was traveling along Highway 395 on a road trip Thursday afternoon when he realized he was in the middle of an earthquake.

Dust rising from nearby landslides was an indication of this. So was how Durrant felt, telling a passenger that his tire was “a little funny” and that he was “wiggling.”

Durrant was right: A preliminary report from the US Geological Survey indicated that the tremor was centered south of Lake Topaz in Mono County, not far from the California-Nevada border. The earthquake was initially estimated at 5.9 magnitude, but was later upgraded to 6.0.

The estimated epicenter is about 110 miles northeast of Fresno.

Durrant was much closer. After feeling the quake, they quickly saw its aftermath, squeezing through large boulders strewn across the highway.

This story was originally published July 8, 2021 8:24 p.m.

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